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Generation Alpha predictions highlight what social and family experts think will befall the current demographic cohort, which is actually true digital native. The Alpha cohort brings together people born between 2010 and 2025. Raised and living in the 21st Century, the  Alphas are largely driven by evolving trends in technology.

Whereas the eldest Alpha kid is only 8 years in 2018, the demographic forecasters are busy figuring out the state of this generation when it reaches maturity. They project it will be the most transformative generation ever, at least until the next one arrives. As the years roll by, Alphas will be supercharged by advancement in computer speed, information and AI.

Here are just 5 predictions associated with this generation

1. Most and Least Connected Generation

The explosion of social media means that young people are busy using one platform of social media or another, or several. And they just cannot get enough of them. These range from Snapchat, Instagram to WhatsApp.

Starting with Zs, online interactions between kids locally and internationally has never been higher. It is only going to explode and according to Statista, the number is exploding way beyond 3 billion. Over 50% of these are teens.

Alphas will join the bandwagon and most definitely push it to the next level.

While this is happening, another rather interesting trend is also taking shape: the inability of kids and peers to interact face to face. They embrace social network platforms in much excitement and somehow disregard the natural human interaction. Ultimately, the adult Z and alpha generations will associate more using technology.

Even when they meet and sit around the table, digital kids prefer chatting on social platforms than talking. If they do, it is in reaction to the posts they are skimming through. By the way, they don’t read!

Another interesting projection related to the above trait is that new generation of kids who keep to themselves are sharing less in real life, preferring instead to amass whatever wealth is available.

2. Tech Savvy Generation

Generation Alpha kids are born right into technology and for that, they are digital natives. They now use advanced computing devices and travel on super-fast trains and cars. They literally breathe and think technology and cannot understand how humanity existed without it.

The ease with which they learn and use computing devices explains a generation that will innovate even better devices as transformation moves on. They are learning to code early in life and are investing their skills into fulfilling their wildest imaginations.

While projections tell of a generation that may not favor traditional education as is the case today, Alphas will use computer knowledge to discover and wow the world with new discoveries.

They are to use advanced voice assistants and AI related software bots and will prefer online education over traditional forms of learning.

Ultimately,  they learn and use tech devices from early on and will grow with them till adulthood.

3. Most Diverse Generation

The world today is a melting pot of cultural and racial diversity. Different peoples from different cultures, creed, tribes, and race are traveling the world over and settling in new neighborhoods and countries.

In addition is the increasing number of multi-racial relationships which is leading to increasing numbers of multiracial, multinational and therefore multicultural alpha kids.

This is creating an interesting demographic cohort that will probably tolerate diversity better than the older cohorts.

They are also open to every facet of life. They are grasping a lot of  information thrown at them from the internet through digital devices  spread around them in form of Internet of Things (IoT)

4. Will Revolutionize Online Shopping

A vast number of generation Alpha and Z kids are born into homes saturated with electronic devices, both for entertainment and productive purposes. For this, they are pre-occupied with games and other digital forms of entertainment.

When they finally grow up and join the consumer market as teens and adults, they will have little time to drive out for shopping. They would rather transact purchases online and have goods delivered to their doorsteps. Of course, this is happening today – but alphas are making retailers and tech conglomerates to think even deeper into online shopping.

With this projection, tech giants and retailers are perfecting online shopping and home delivery strategies. Led by Amazon in the US and Alibaba in Asia, online shopping will grow by leaps and bounds now that drone and other forms of delivery are being explored.

Drone delivery for online shoppers
Drone delivery for online shoppers

5. Will Often Change Careers and Jobs

The explosion of information today implies the internet is becoming a one-stop center for information and education for all of us. As  Generation Alpha and Z kids get smarter the internet will become the ultimate school, pioneered by tech schools and platforms from giants like Google and Facebook.

Digital kids will opt for small courses to acquire new skills instead of attending traditional forms of education.

With the world bracing itself for robotic invasion, future adults will have to make do with shorts stints in jobs, either to make way for new machines or actually replace some of them.