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Generation Alpha also called Generation Glass is the latest in the queue of demographic groups and one that best fits the digital native description. The Alpha birth years fall between 2010 and 2025 and came to replace the Z Generation cohort. This means that 2009 is the year the last Z kids were born.

As of 2018, the eldest Alpha child is 8 years old.

This demographic cohort is predicted to be the most transformative ever, and for good reasons. Alphas are born in a world saturated with technology, and one that is undergoing exponential growth. Apart from the youngest Generation Z kids, they are arguably the first to experience the true impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is no wonder them to supercharge the universe into exploring and using AI like never before.

So, What is Generation Alpha?

The word alpha was preferred by Mark McCrindle, an Australian award-winning social and demographic researcher in 2005. McCrindle and his team ran a survey across Australia to find out the most fitting name for the new generation. After months of research and discussions, the word Alpha was agreed upon.

Alpha was the preferred choice since it represents a new dawn of lifestyle, that is built around technology and modern science. The alpha letter happens to be the first in the Greek alphabet, and the most befitting replacement of the Roman/Latin alphabet, which had just expired with the letter Z.

In its entirety, the cohort is also the first to be born and live in the 21st Century.  Global statistics point to over 2.5 million Alpha births every. Predictions also indicate their population will total a whopping 2 billion by 2025.

Alpha and Technology

The first alpha kids were born in 2010, the same year the first iPad was released by Apple. It soon became the preferred computing device for parents, as a play-thing for the new borns.  In a matter of months, other manufacturers followed suit and soon saturated the industry with competing versions and brands. These were immediately smuggled into the lives of Generation Alpha. As of now, they are necessary companions in children’s backpack.

As such, Alphas are immersed deep into touchscreen devices, that they hardly understand a world without them.

This is about to change though!

The sheer speed of evolution in the field of artificial intelligence means that typing on small screens will seem old-fashioned very soon, and when they grow up, Alpha adults will probably not interface with apps, smartphones, and tablets the way we do it today.

10 Facts About Generation Alpha

They are:

  • Brought up in front of screens right from day one
  • Not going to text or use email much
  • Going to use audi0/visual tools for communication
  • Born to Generation Y and the older generation X parents
  • Culturally diverse owing to the rising numbers of interracial parents
  • Less attached to family history
  • The most technologically literate cohort
  • Going to be increasingly urban
  • Most affected by tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon
  • To be ardent gamers like no other generation
  • Going to interact less with their peers except through tech