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May 2019
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Parenting is a focal point of discussion today because of evolving lifestyles and the immense influence of technology. We live in a world saturated with all sorts of electronic gadgets and are slowly embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon.  Soon we shall only eat, talk and see technology in all new dimensions. While many will definitely weave their way with ease, others will stay busy finding  ways around the evolution

As such, we all have to sit back and reflect on whether or not we are equipped enough to face the new parenting styles that come with digitalization.

Digital gadgets are silently eating their way into the fabric of everyday lifestyle and making us look like we are competing against them. While they are intended to make our lives better and simplify personal and work-related interactions, they have made us dependant on them to accomplish even the basic assignments.

As a result, families spend less time together and instead preferring to use the ubiquitous electronic gadgets to fill the gap.

In the process, we are nurturing a new digital native generation which may detach itself from the basics of life as we have always known it – or maybe not!

The most affected facets of our lifestyles include:

  • Social and Family lifestyles
  • Health
  • Education
  • Religion

Here at Parenting Alpha, we discuss the new parenting styles applicable in the 21st Century. We place particular emphasis on Generation Alpha and Z, and of course the parenting input from the older generations. We look at these matters and leave them open for discussion with you. This way, we learn a lot from each other.