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May 2019
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5 Reasons Why Cell Phone Use During Meals is Not Cool!

Cell phone use during meals is distractive because it keeps the real you AWAY from the dining table and makes you unhappy!


Here is Why Your Baby is Not Sleeping at Night!

Of course, you want your child to sleep early and wake up late, without much of a fuss. This is a crucial requirement for your child to achieve childhood development milestones, according to science. Then the child will grow into…


If Your Child is Always Hungry, This Could Be Why

Your child is always hungry because of growth spurts, or as a result of a variety of medical conditions. It may also happen due to lack of indulgence on your part.


The Importance of Sleep in Child Development in the 21st Century

The matter of sleep in child development is receiving renewed attention in the 21st Century because of the challenges revolving around technology.


Fun Things to Do With Kids at Home and Outdoors for Free

Fun things to do with children is crucial for their health and self-confidence. It also helps cement a healthy parent-child relationship.


5 Ways You Can Fight Sleeping Disorder in Children

Sleeping disorder in children is linked to increased levels of brain arousal and health-related conditions such as diabetes and obesity.


Exactly What is the Problem With Children Using Cell Phones?

If we do not control how children use cell phones, we expose them to conditions such as brain cancer, asthma, infertility, birth defects, heart related failings etc.


10 Signs of Bad Parenting Styles in The 21st Century

While there is no such thing as perfect parenting, still, indifference, poor role model, lying and poor management of tech devices at home are clear signs of bad parenting.