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Fun Things to Do With Children On a Money Free Weekend

An outdoor stroll down the park is great for the body, whereas an indoor game of Scrabble sharpens the mind.


9 Signs of Bad Parenting and How to Avoid Them

Negative excesses in parenting are known to jeopardize the ability of children to take on the world successfully. Depending on the levels of abuse, some children may recover from the consequences while others never recover.


At What Age Should You Acquire Mobile Phones for Kids?

The current Generation Alpha and Z kids are born straight into technology the moment they pop out of the womb. It is all they know even as they grow up. Interaction with tech becomes a lifestyle through to adulthood.


5 Clever Tricks to Get Rid of Picky Eating Disorder in Your Child

It is no use forcing a child to eat food he/she finds repelling. It ferments the picky eating disorder even further. A child will assume that eating undesired food goes along with force. Instead, experiment with the hunger bait trickery.